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Sex, desire and lack of communication

Sex, desire and lack of communication

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Sex is a very important part in the lives of most people, it is one of the greatest joys and pleasures that humanity has, and its ways of experiencing it are varied. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to practice it, give and receive pleasure equally, in a healthy, balanced and reciprocal way.


  • 1 Sexuality today
  • 2 Different expectations
  • 3 Lack of sincere communication

Sexuality today

Today, having sex is something that can be obtained easily and in various ways. We can meet someone through friends, if we go to a party, many times it can happen at work, sharing hobbies, courses and, of course, surfing the net. It does not matter if it is the man or the woman who takes the initiative, in general, there is enough sexual freedom today in Western society, and who does not like to feel wanted and share a pleasant experience with who attracts him? Perhaps, perhaps, it is not occasional, and it is something that is more likely than we think.

Unfortunately, not always, no matter how much desire we feel, people are ethical, and many cases arise in which the purpose, initially aroused by a sexual interest and desire, ends up causing dangerous situations that can end in outcomes, feelings different from those expected. . Many play with the desire of others, just for their own pleasure, to hide their low self-esteem personal, and thus feel loved, even if you don't want anything with the other person. Provided that the situation has not been commented, or there have been misunderstandings, among others.

Different expectations

There are people that they don't understand that their intentions or feelings are not the same, who do not feel or want something with someone who does not attract them, and are subject to insults and slander by the rejected, providing pain and perhaps more rejection towards the person who does not want them, provoking feelings of adversity for the other On the other hand, especially when it comes to co-workers or professionals from the same field, a “war” can be triggered, whose function is nothing more than to hide the desire that one feels for being with the loved one. Worst cases are those that a subordinate refuses to maintain relations with a superior or superior, since many times the employee ends up being fired for not fulfilling the sexual expectations deposited.

It is very sad to also hear that there are people who, bored of their relationship, find satisfaction through emails, chats and social networks, hiding it so much from the couple as to the people with whom he flirts (at least), as well as the people who, knowing that they are interposing in families, marriages or couples already established, regardless of the possible consequences that can flow, only by pure carnal desire. A visual example of this are the films "Unfaithful" with Richard Gere, and already more drastic and less unreal perhaps, "Match Point" by Woody Allen, which tells us the tremendous passion of a married man towards his former sister-in-law, and his terrible final. It is clear that these cases do not include those open relationships in which the permissiveness of both partners is agreed to maintain relationships with other people, agreed by mutual agreement.

Lack of sincere communication

Other situations are those in which the true ages are hidden to be with someone, being especially complicated in case of minors who have sexual relations with adults. You also have to keep in mind that not always two people have the right time to have sex, since sometimes, medications, situations of illness or personal stress or others, make the situation not ideal for being with someone, and many times, due to lack of communication, the other party feels rejected, without really being the situation what may seem to the other.

Less serious cases but that usually occur in many couples are fights for sexual demotivation, the appearance of desire at different times, becoming too selfish personally, or especially infidelity. Of course, also bear in mind that, although sometimes the desire can be mutual, if either party overlaps its own ego or pride before the desired person, it can misunderstand the situation and generate a strong conflict, as well as those people who do not clearly express their wishes towards the other party directly and personally. There are also cases in which if there are third parties who try to mediate between two, the messages may be misunderstood or the information incorrect, so you should be careful with the mediator and know if you will address the other correctly.

And these, as well as many other cases, are situations that people should consider together when having a relationship, since sex sometimes results in consequences that are often disregarded, and that should be assessed previously, as well as, if necessary, deal with a Sexologist or Sexologist, whenever necessary.