40 phrases of loss and abandonment

40 phrases of loss and abandonment

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Virtually all people suffer at some point in their lives a abandonment or loss of a loved one. The phrases of loss or abandonment are a way of expressing these feelings and naming our emotions. Here you can see a compilation of them.

The best phrases about loss and abandonment

Pain is something you cannot avoid throughout your life, but you can choose how to take it.

The duel can reveal something about you that you didn't know, but that has always been there.

If you cry you will make the duel less deep.

The only way to deal with pain is action.

You can't imagine how strong you can be until being strong is the only alternative you have.

While happiness is beneficial to our body, grief helps develop the power of the mind.

The stars shine brighter when the night is darker.

The worst duel is one that does not express itself.

The duel for loss is a transition to a new stage of life.

The duel for abandonment is a transitory process, not a state.

If you drink to ease the pain of abandonment, you should know that they can learn to swim.

He who does not face his pain will find no remedy to overcome it.

Pain is the best instructor. Thanks to him you can learn what you still don't know.

Pain is the expression of the human being.

Not letting go of tears is a pain that will always hurt

Grief is the medicine to overcome the loss.

The best protection against the pain of loss is not a fence, but your loved ones.

The duel for the loss is the process by which we acquire the strength to recover.

Loss is inherent in life, because only with change do we evolve and can welcome the new.

Loss is as natural as our existence.

Sometimes pain can be the gasoline that helps us move towards overcoming abandonment.

The pain is expressed through the silent language of tears.

Life is a continuous open and close cycles; a continuous loss to acquire new profits.

An end is nothing but a new beginning.

You can justify abandonment, but never abandon yourself.

Leaving without resisting is like leaving the battlefield without even having fought.

Do not feed a relationship with someone who, when he sees your weakness, leaves you.

Do not give the opportunity to someone who abandoned you to waste your time twice.

Sometimes an abandonment is necessary so you can start over.

A break is the end of something that was already broken.

I say goodbye for a lifetime, although the rest of my life I will be thinking about you.

We can love someone very much, but we will love him even more if we lose him one day.

Pain is saying goodbye to someone you don't want to separate from.

Time is the best balm to cure pain from loss.

Missing someone does not mean being empty, but being full of him.

A small loss is nothing more than the trial to face a great absence.

If life takes away someone you love, the memory can become your best companion to move forward.

There is only one thing that separates us from death: time.

Sometimes it is impossible to forget someone who gave you so many moments to remember.

Don't cry because it's over; Better smile because it happened.

In short, there is no doubt that loss and abandonment will sooner or later appear in our lives. To better cope with this moment you can rely on phrases like these, for sure you get better after reading them. We hope we have helped you!